9 Time Saving Tips From Professional House Cleaners

When you’re trying to balance work and family life, it’s easy to let the state of your home slip through the cracks. While we all want to have a beautifully clean home, worthy of an interior design magazine, cleaning our houses can oftentimes take a backseat to our other obligations.

Having a clean house doesn’t have to mean devoting hours a day to cleaning. If you incorporate some quick, time saving cleaning tips into your daily routine, you can turn having a clean house into a simple afterthought. Here are nine time saving tips from the pros.

1. Make Your Bed Every Single Morning

Nothing makes a room look more disheveled than an unmade bed. If you and your family commit to making your beds each morning, you’ll be amazed at how tidy the room looks, even if a few things are out of place.

2. Clean The Toilet Gradually Instead Of All At Once

Instead of scrubbing a filthy toilet at the end of the week, take one minute each night to pour in a little cleaner and give it a light scrub. You’ll be amazed at how little time it takes and how clean your toilet will stay.

3. Designate No-Clutter Zones

Designate certain areas as no-clutter zones. Pick spaces that are focal points, like your kitchen table or living room coffee table. If you can keep these spaces clear, the room will look neater overall.

4. Follow The 30 Second Rule

The 30 second rule means that if a task takes less than 30 seconds, you have to do it immediately. This means that you don’t have to rush to vacuum the stairs, but you have no excuse not to wipe down the kitchen counter with a cleaning wipe.

5. Change Your Air Filter Frequently

One of the biggest gripes among professional house cleaners are homes that are covered in dust when they don’t have to be. Change the air filter on your heating and cooling system frequently. It’s a cheap and quick way to dramatically cut back on the dust levels in your home.

6. Wipe Down Your Shower Immediately After Use

A simple wipe-down with a paper towel after showering will prevent soap and hard water stains from accumulating, which makes weekly bathroom cleaning much simpler.

7. Just Say No To “Junk Drawers”

It seems like having a drawer to toss “junk” in would prevent clutter, but if anything, it nurtures the notion that it’s okay to hold on to useless and unimportant items. Instead, keep the things you really need in a designated spot and just say no to junk drawers.

8. Never Go To Sleep With Dishes In The Sink

Nothing makes a kitchen seem grosser than a sink full of dirty dishes. Make a habit of always doing the dishes in the sink before you go to sleep. Doing a day’s worth of dirty dishes is simpler than doing a week’s worth.

9. Make A Schedule

Trying to clean your whole house at once is maddening. Doing a few items on a checklist once a day, however, is manageable. Make a daily cleaning schedule and stick to it.

If you follow these tips, you can maintain a clean home without spending hours a day washing and scrubbing.

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