Health Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

It is not a well-known fact that indoor air pollution is ranked fourth on the environmental threats to Americans list, which is published by the Environmental Protection Agency. Air ducts and heat/cooling units spread thousands of airborne contaminants around your home, and these systems can also hide dust and bacteria from daily cleaning. Here is how air duct cleaning long beach can help yours and your family health.

Lowers Allergens

There are thousands of allergens that make their way into our home on a daily basis. Thousands of people suffer from allergies every year. To limit the amount of allergens in your home, you should have air duct cleaning long beach done before you need to use your heating or cooling systems. This is because dust, other allergens, and even mold spores can fall into the air ducts during the time that you are not using them. Once the cooling or heating system is turned on, the dust, mold spores, and allergens are blown off the walls of the air duct and back into the room. This will cause a person’s allergies to trigger, and they could be wondering what the cause is.

Lowers the Risk for Mold and Bacteria Grow

No one wants to have mold or bad bacteria in their house. However, air ducts are an excellent growing area for them. Since you cannot clean your air ducts easily, the mold and bacteria can grow and will spread when you turn on the system. Regular air duct cleaning Seal Beach removes the risk for mold and bacteria growth inside of your air ducts.

Lowers the Need for Daily Dusting and Vacuuming

Do you know how much dust, dirt and pet dander that is in your air ducts and your cooling and heating systems? There can be more than a 2-inch layer of dust on the inside of your air ducts at any given time, and even more on the inside of your cooling/heating system. This dust, dirt, and pet dander are blown into the room and high into the air, which allows it to stick to most surfaces in the room. If you want to cut down the need to do dusting and vacuuming daily to keep your rooms clean, you should have your air ducts cleaned regularly. Air duct cleaning Lakewood CA removes the need for daily dusting because there is no dust, dirt, or dander being blown out of the air duct every day.

Air duct cleaning Seal Beach is important to have done at least once every year. If you smoke inside of your home or have pets, it is recommended that you have air duct cleaning Lakewood CA done more frequently.

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